December at the museum

Museum Prudente de Moraes
Programming 2019

Campaign To Dream the World – The Culture as a right

Data: 10 and 12 of December
Time: 9am

The Museum Prudente de Moraes will participate for the first time in the campaign To Dream the World, that will happen between the days 9th and 15th of December, celebrating the International day of Human Rights (12/10th). The Action is an initiative of the Department of Culture and Criative Economy of the Government of Sao Paulo, organized by SISEM-SP, with the sponsorship of ACAM Portinari, of the Department of Human Rights and Citizenship of the City Hall of Sao Paulo, of the Museum of Soccer, of the Museum Afro Brasil, of the Museum of the Sexual Diversity, of the Museum of Immigration of Sao Paulo, of the Memorial of the Resistance of Sao Paulo, of the Memorial of the Inclusion and of the Museum India Vanuire.

The edition of the campaign this year has as focus the “Culture as a Right”. With all of these, the Museum Prudente de Moraes will realize in the days of December 10th and 12th, the Meeting Remembering, activity addressed to the elderly. This action is composed by sensorial dynamics, relating the memory to the memories and the five senses – Smell, taste, vision, touch and listening, and visits mediated in the permanent exhibit with interaction of objects and knowledge and experience shared by the visiting group. The goal is to instigate the memories and reminiscences of the elderly, to contribute to the well-being, to stimulate the memory, the ability of communication and analyses of the present, socialization and the promotion of the personal value.

By this manner, the Museum intents to give bigger visibility to the right to culture to the elderly, adding to the cultural and social enrichment of this group of the population.

Project “Libras (Brazilian Sign Language) in the Museum”
By Museum Prudente de Moraes

Period: Scheduled visit
Time: 9AM to 2PM

The Museum Prudente de Moraes, through the project LIBRAS in the Museum, intends to make it possible the accessibility of deaf people and hearing poor in its space. The referred people will have the right of a monitor in LIBRAS through an educator of the Museum, who knows the sign language. The project also includes classes of basic LIBRAS to employees of the museum, resulting in a structure to receive this type of visit.

By doing this, the Museum intends to include this group in the society and education, allowing to them historical knowledge about the city of Piracicaba and about the public and private life of Prudente de Moraes.

The visits in LIBRAS will be scheduled previously.

Monitored Visits and Educational Actions

During the month of August will be developed educational actions, from Tuesday to Friday and monitored visit contemplating the theme of the institution which addresses to the history of Piracicaba and its urban evolution and to the public and private life of Prudente de Moraes. The activities will be developed to attend spontaneous groups with previous scheduling.