Prudente de Moraes´ Historical and Pedagogical Museum is established at the former residence of the first elected president of the Republic of Brazil.

In 1864, Prudente de Moraes fixed residence in “Constituição” former name of nowadays city of Piracicaba after having got his bacharel´s degree in law from the São Paulo University´s Law Academy. His career in politics was marked by mandates in municipal, state and mainly federal spheres. From 1894 to 1898 he became the third president of the Republic of Brazil, the first one being elected directly by the people. After the ending of his presidential mandate, Prudente de Moraes returned to Piracicaba, place where he acted as a lawyer, and where he also commanded the joints of the Not conforming Republican Party and where he passed away, in 03 of December of 1902, as a tuberculosis victim. When the house was acquired, its construction was unfinished and was only concluded in 1870. It served as a scene for innumerable political meetings of the troubled period of the Announcement of the Republic. Apart from the house itself, on the lot there was also a cabinet and a great yard where there was a garden and an orchard of leafy jabuticaba trees, which were ordered to be planted by the president. From the 1930´s on the building sheltered the Prudente de Moraes´College of Odontology, the Prudente de Moraes´ School Group, the City´s Educational board and, in 1957, The Prudente de Moraes´ Historical and Pedagogical museum. The building has been declared a historic heritage site by Municipal agency CODEPAC, State agency CONDEPHAT and Federal agency IPHAN. In addition to the building, the president´s collection of pictures, documents, pieces of furniture, personal belongings among others have also been declared as part of The Historic Heritage by federal agency IPHAN. The residence has undergone recovery of its physical structure and a new museological reorganization contemplating the public, private and political life of Prudente de Moraes, as well as the history of Piracicaba portraying important phases of the city, its economic and social formation, and changes suffered due to the great development of farming and industrial activities. The museum´s collection is eclectic and it congregates objects and pieces of furniture that has belonged to illustrious Piracicaba city citizens, among those Prudente de Moraes, Luiz de Queiroz, João Sampaio, Barão de Rezende, Barão de Serra Negra, Sud Mennucci, Cobrinha and Fabiano Lozano. There are also great workmanships of well known plastic artists from Piracicaba and a varied iconographic and literal compilation. [wp_social_sharing social_options=’facebook,twitter,googleplus,linkedin,pinterest’ twitter_username=’arjun077′ facebook_text=’Share on Facebook’ twitter_text=’Share on Twitter’ googleplus_text=’Share on Google+’ linkedin_text=’Share on Linkedin’ pinterest_text=”Share on Pinterest” xing_text=”Share on Xing” icon_order=’f,t,g,l,p,x’ show_icons=’1′ before_button_text=” text_position=” social_image=”]