July at the museum

Prudente de Moraes Museum
July 2019

Exhibition “A bola”
by Fundação Casa Grande – Memorial of “Homem Kariri”

Trusteeship: Museum Prudente de Moraes team
Period: 04/06 to 12/07

The museum Prudente de Moraes offers to the people the exhibition “A bola” , by Fundacao Casa Grande- Memorial of “Homem Kariri”. The exhibit is formed by works In acrylic on screen, photography and texts by artist and curator Alemberg Quindins.

In this project, Quindins reverences the ball in the childhood, which is the protagonist in the soccer field, taking sadness to some and bringing joy to other.

The ball passes through screen to screen, connecting scenes and telling stories,  as the points that goes along the cord in the litany of a Rosary.

The visual universe has as its environment of the 70’s, when the artist liked to listen to the matches on the radio, to see images on the magazine Placar and the channel 100, cinenews which was on before the films in the movie theaters.

In the screen, the ball presents itself in three dimensions: with volume in the shaded Telstar, in shoots documented by photographers of that time and a crowd “naïf”, present in the childish drawings of the author, when he published little handmade sports magazines as a reporter of varzea field.

Project- Vacation in the Museum

Period: 02 to 19 of July (Tuesday to Friday)
Time: 2 to 4 PM
Scheduling: mprudentedemoraes@piracicaba.sp.gov.br / (19) 3422-3069

In the months of school vacation, the Museum Prudente de Moraes will develop ludic workshops related to the patrimonial education, involving fun, creativity and education. The activities will be developed with children and teens, from the age 6 to 12, with previous scheduling and accompanied by the proper responsible person.

Tuesdays: “Learn and play” – old games and fun.
Wednesdays: “Origami Workshop” with Dorinha and Richard Kennedy
Thursdays: “Getting to know the city of our grandparents’ time!” – activities related to the patrimony of Piracicaba
Fridays: “Hands on!” – Building art with recyclables.

Workshop Preventive Actions and Museum Politics
With Dina Jobst and Daisy Estra

Date: 15/07
Time: 09h to 4:30PM

The Government of the State of Sao Paulo, Culture and Creative Economy Department of the State of Sao Paulo and Museum Prudente de Moraes invite professionals who act in museums, files and libraries to the workshop “Preventive actions and Museum Politics”. The event is part of the programming of the project “ Museum preservation of the historic and artistic collection of the Museum Prudente de Moraes” – Proac- Program of the Cultural Action of the State of Sao Paulo, Edital number 18/2018, when the Museum Prudente de Moraes was selected.

Ministered by the museologist Dina Jobst and by the conservator and restorer Daisy Estra, the program will be presented by the following topics:

Museum Politics – Museum Documentation: Basic Data; Acquisition Politics: the collection formation; Catalog file: Museums and their types; Promotion and revitalization of museums; The museums of the 21st century;

Preventive actions – Conservation Documentation; Safety and conservation, maneuver; Hygiene, packaging; environment factors; transport.

The openings are limited, being needed previous scheduling by e-mail: mprudentedemoraes@piracicaba.sp.gov.br

Exhibition “I stay Rio: I stay, you stay, we live together”
by Proac

Curatorship : Team of Museum Prudente de Moraes
Period: From the 23rd of July to the 07th of September 

The government of the State of Sao Paulo, Culture and creative economy department of Sao Paulo and Museum Prudente de Moraes offer to the public the exhibition” I stay Rio: I stay, you stay, we live together”. The exhibit is part of the project “Museum preservation of the historic and artistic collection of the Museum Prudente de Moraes” – Proac – Program of Cultural Action of the State of Sao Paulo number 18/2018.

What would the Piracicaba river say about its profound transformations, due to the development of the city? The exhibition is the result of a reading which treats the River of Piracicaba as subject patrimony of this city, and allowing its socioeconomically changes, culture manifestation in its boarders and the creations of the men in the tangible and intangible plans, it behaves as autonomy and alive. This river alive and full of meanings is presented in this exhibition which will be shared by the “Piracicabans” by origin and “Piracicabans” by heart.

 Monitored visits and Educational actions

During the month of July educational actions will be developed, from Tuesday to Friday, and monitored visit contemplating the theme of the Institution which addresses to the history of Piracicaba and its urban evolution and the public and private life of Prudente de Moraes. The activites will be developed to attend spontaneous groups with previous scheduling.