May at the museum

Prudente de Moraes Museum
May 2019

Exhibition “Correspondencia”
by group Contos e Pontos

Trusteeship:  Grupo Contos e Pontos
Period: 25/04 to 25/05

The Museum Prudente de Moraes offers to the people the exhibition “Correspondencia”. Through a contemporary approach, the works with embroidery by the group Contos e Pontos can be understood as a mean of artistic manifestation, passing the limit traditionally given to this job. The process of work is individual, but in monthly meetings that happens the refeeding to the collective work – It is the moment to merge and sew talks which enrich even more the personal work.

Each project done by the group follows a different and singular dynamic, sometimes inspired by tales and chronicles , sometimes in poetry and hai cais, what is in common in the projects is the desire to express lived experiences.

Different of other projects done by the group, “Correspondecia” is especially authorial, because the group inspired itself by its own history and each one embroidered to another the story of this relationship. The draws guided this circle- name by name it was revealed, provoking the challenge of the construction of an image which related feelings to the selected person. This process lasted three years and the mail service (Correios- ECT) and its mailmen were the vehicles to the coming and goings of the final production of the 72 embroidered mails.

The time was occupied differently to the completion of this task. It stopped being a penalty and it enlarged itself so each one could dive in their memories and perceptions about their friend, about the 15-year relationship working on the ancient embroidering job. Anyway, it is about a production which stablishes with simplicity and delicacy, complex relationships and feeling manifestation

Each embroidering measures approximately 12x18cm, they are small pearls, when together, they have the gigantic power of friendship.

Technical Assistance

Date: 10/05
Time: 1 to 5pm

The government of the State of Sao Paulo, the Department of Culture and creative economy of the State of Sao Paulo and the Museum Prudente de Moraes invite professionals who work in museums, files and libraries to the Technical Assistance.

The encounter has as its goal to present the work developed by the team project “Museum preservation of the historic and artistic collection of the Museum Prudente de Moraes” – PROAC Edital number 18/2018 – in the field of conservation of the photographic and textual collection referred to the city of Piracicaba and Pudente de Moraes in the 19th and 20th centuries. The openings are limited, being necessary previous scheduling by email:

Programming of the 17th Museums National Week- IBRAM- Brazilian Institute of Museums

Theme: “Museums as cultural centers: the future of traditions”.

Period: 13 to 19 of May

The Museums National Week happens annually to celebrate the Museums International Day (May 18th), when the Brazilian museums invited by IBRAM (Brazilian Institute of Museum), develop a special programming due to this date.

Attending to this week’s theme, “Museums as cultural centers: the future of traditions”, the Museum Prudente de Moraes prepared a programming with the exhibition “Correspondencia” by the group Contos and Pontos, between the dates 25/04 and 25/05 and scheduled monitored visits between the days 14 and 18 of May.

Global Action Museum Week

Period: 13 to 19/05

The Museum Prudente de Moraes will participate of the Museum Week 2019. Cultural Institutes of the whole world are invited to publicize their activities, daily routines and curiosities through social media during one week.

This global action allows exchange of information between museums and their visitors. There will be seven days, seven themes and seven hashtags, pursuing new and different people through social media.

The Museum Prudente de Moraes will be participating again this year, allowing people to have new perspectives about the institution.

This year, the theme of #MuseumWeek will be: work of women, backstages, games and plays, LGBT Consciousness, exploring of new horizons, photos and friendship. That way the institutions will have to relate the collection and their own work this the proposed subjects, in a creative way and, when possible, involving the visiting people.

Monitored Visit and Educational Actions

During the month of May, there will be developed educational actions, from Tuesday to Friday and monitored visits observing the theme of the institution which addresses the history of Piracicaba and its urban evolution and the private life of Prudente de Moraes. The activities will be developed to attend spontaneous groups with previous scheduling.