March at the museum

Exhibition of Models of Historic Buildings – Piracicaba in the 19th and 20th centuries, from the Architecture and Urbanism College at PUC-Campinas

Curatorship: Professor Doctor Ivone Salgado, Professor Doctor Renata Baesso Pereira, Ana Beatris Menegaldo, Bruna Merotti, Fernanda Farche, Lara Duarte, Marcela Cardinalli e Renan Treft

Period: 29/01 to 09/03

Students, teacher and tutors from the subject of Architecture in Brazil of the Architecture and Urbanism College from PUC-Campinas exhibit models of historic buildings in the Pedagogical Historical Prudente de Moraes Museum. The exhibit is organized by Professors Doctor Renata Baesso Pereira and Doctor Ivone Salgado, alongside with the tutors Ana Beatris Fernandes Menegaldo, Bruna Merotti, Lara Duarte, Marcela Cardinalli, Fernanda Farche e Renan Treft. This exhibit counts on the partnership of the architect Marcelo Cachioni, responsible for the Department of Historical Patrimony of Piracicaba, organ linked to the IPPLAP (Institute of Research and Planning of Piracicaba) and of the Pedagogical and Historical Prudente  de Moraes Museum.

In the Exhibit people will be able to live aspects related to the focused theme  of the subject which contemplates the studies of the History of Architecture in Brazil between the 19th century and the first decades of the 20th century. In the subject syllabus, in the context of Piracicaba city, programs and artistic languages developed in the religious and urban civil architecture are studied, by being studied samples built in the city during the empire and the first republic, highlighting the constructive techniques and the edifications representative of the period. As part of the works, the students develop the studies of buildings from this age, resulting on the models form, focused object of the exhibit.

The preparation of models  add to the teaching of Brazilian architecture history, allowing the students a better special understanding of the buildings. The research about the history of buildings also foster the critical thinking about social and cultural contexts in which these are inserted, beyond that to promote the thinking about the importance of the built cultural patrimony.

Monitored visit and Educative Actions

During the month of March educative actions will be developed, from Tuesday to Friday, and monitored visit contemplating the theme of the Institution which addresses to the history of Piracicaba and its urban evolution and the public and private life of Prudente de Moraes. The activities will be developed to attend spontaneous groups with previous scheduling.