October at the museum

Museum Prudente de Moraes
October 2019

Exhibition “Hileia- Photographs by Antonio Saggese”

Curatorship: The team of  Museum Prudente de Moraes
Period: 17/09 to 17/11

The exhibit “Hileia” gathering photographies by Antonio Saggese, resulting  reunion of two works that focus on the Amazon forest from the water: Hileia and Yg, and it counts with the images that stir up the wonderment of the expectator before  the exhuberance of the Amazonic nature.

The photographies were conceived in the trips realized by Saggese between 2014 and 2016 to the woods and streams from Para, where the photographer could capture images which do not fit as a “nature photography” not even as report documentation.

The images were obtained by the author through digital cameras of high sensibility, modified to capture infrared, with lenses of great luminosity and with sensors which change depth, with the expectancy that with this technical intervention it creates new artistic possibilities, impossible with the analogic technology.

The Exhibit was selected by the Public call Notice to Itinerant Exhibits of ACAM Portinari realized in partnership with the State System of Museums (SISEM-SP) , Instancy of the department of culture and creative economy of the State of Sao Paulo. It was the winner of the category Printed Rehearsal of 2017  of the Brazilian Prize of Photography.

Every art integrated by cinema: the example of the cultural movement of Piracicaba “My Hollywood is here”, in the period of 2010 to 2017
By Lauro Pinotti – Project contemplated by PROAC cities 2019

Curatorship: Lauro Pinotti
Opening: 05/10 at 8PM
Period: 05 to 31 of October
Soirees: 11, 18, 25/10 and 1/11 – at 7PM

The government of the State of Sao Paulo, through the Department of culture and creative economy, alongside with de department of cultural action and tourism (SemacTur), offer the project contemplated by PROAC – Cities named Every art integrated by cinema: the example of the cultural movement of Piracicaba “My Hollywood is here”, in the period of 2010 to 2017

This project aims in bringing to light and form, to identify, to delimit, to define, to characterize, to advertise, as important historical registration of the activites of cultural movements realized in Piracicaba – a notable adventure of making cinema with minimal resources happened in the city and that had its beginnings  still in 1985, followed by a theoretical and practical progression which  reached its aurous phase with the project “My Hollywood is Here”, in the period of 2010 to 2017, when,  after all, it configured itself as intense, super special and peculiar, unique and exclusive movement  of independent  artistc and cinematographic production made by a countryside city, affirming that, for sure, only Piracicaba In Brazil and maybe in the world could produce such movement.

The exhibit will show the result of the cinematographic production done by the movement, formed by 12 narrative feature films. There will be also a cycle of soirees, aiming on giving opportunity to exhibit and enjoy the last four movies which were produced by the movement “My Hollywood is here” – all still unpublished- alongside with the realization of Circle meetings streaky with exhibits to debate the themes of each film and also, to listen to the watcher, in a way to identify the reach and efficiency of communication in the movies with the people.

Seminar of Research and Teaching of the History Course – 2019
by Methodist University of Piracicaba (Unimep)

Period: October 9th and 10th
Time: 7:30PM

The Museum Prudente de Moraes will receive the Seminar of research and teaching of the History course from Unimep.

Authors of the best conclusion course papers of courses and the teaching plans developed in the course of History of Unimep, in the year 2018, the ex-students and presently the teacher in the area will present their projects to the community in general.

There will be discussed themes like the teaching of young adults and adults, present challenges faced by teachers, the role of the Brazilian Popular Music during the military-civil dictatorship, the iconographic representation of Antonio Correa Barbosa, among others.

Journey of the cultural patrimony of Sao Paulo – 2019

Period : 12th and 13th of October
Time: 09 to 5PM

The Museum Prudente de Moraes will participate in the Journey of the cultural patrimony of Sao Paulo- 2019, offered by the Department of Culture and Criative economy of Sao Paulo, in partnership with the city hall of Piracicaba through the department of Cultural action and tourism and the council of the defense of the cultural patrimony of Piracicaba (Codepac) and the support of SESC, Senac and Unimep.

The action has as its goal, to sensitize the public for the acknowledgment, value, defense, and preservation of the cultural patrimony of the state of Sao Paulo, beyond that to get close the people with the historical and cultural patrimony and to value the touristic potential, through monitored visits to built patrimonies and travel itineraries of trips and activities in the city.

The event will have six itineraries: Harbor Street, downtown, Tirol colony, cemetery of Saudade and Monte Alegre neighborhood, and the invitation to know and recognize part of the material and immaterial possessions from the many diverse layers of the history of the city. The activites are free.

The Museum Prudente de Moraes, in addition to make part of the downtown itinerary, it will offer to the people on October 12th at 10AM, the workshop of Antiopae – Revealing the Patrimony of Piracicaba, with Yone Moreno.

Workshop of Antiopae – Revealing the Patrimony of Piracicaba
with Yone Moreno

Date: October 12th
Time: 10AM

The workshop aims in to promote the technical practice of Antiopae. It is a technic created in the beginning of the 19th century by one astronomer and chemist called John Herschel, which consists in the reaveling of images using organic products as revealing  liquids and plants photosensitive.

There will be used photo negatives which contains images of many cultural patrimonies of the city of Piracicaba, allowing that way, to tell the history of the spaces or cultural manifestations of the city through the process of the development of these images. During the workshop, the participants will be able to know a little about the history of photography which will be told through the document patrimony of the collection of the Museum Prudente de Moraes, exploring the importance of the safeguarding of this specific type of patrimony usually little discussed. The openings are limited up to 10 participants and should be scheduled by the email: mprudentedemoraes@piracicaba.sp.gov.br

Project “Museum at School” – Lectures in Public and Private Educational Institutions
By Museum Prudente de Moraes

Period: Monthly
Time: 9AM to 2PM

The Museum Prudente de Moraes will develop the project “Museum at School” , with monthly lectures at public schools (city and state) and private schools of Piracicaba.

Thought initially to work education, art and patrimony, this project has as its goal to enlarge the knowledge and to sensitize the students about the material and immaterial possessions of the Piracicaba Culture.

 Project “Libras (Brazilian Sign Language) in the Museum”
By Museum Prudente de Moraes

Period: Scheduled visit
Time: 9AM to 2PM

The Museum Prudente de Moraes, through the project LIBRAS in the Museum, intends to make it possible the accessibility of deaf people and hearing poor in its space. The referred people will have the right of a monitor in LIBRAS through an educator of the Museum, who knows the sign language. The project also includes classes of basic LIBRAS to employees of the museum, resulting in a structure to receive this type of visit.

By doing this, the Museum intends to include this group in the society and education, allowing to them historical knowledge about the city of Piracicaba and about the public and private life of Prudente de Moraes.

The visits in LIBRAS will be scheduled previously.

Monitored Visits and Educational Actions

During the month of August will be developed educational actions, from Tuesday to Friday and monitored visit contemplating the theme of the institution which addresses to the history of Piracicaba and its urban evolution and to the public and private life of Prudente de Moraes. The activities will be developed to attend spontaneous groups with previous scheduling.