I am prudent in the name, by prudent principles , and prudent by habit. I am also prudent , avoiding hateful personal issues .

Prudente José de Moraes Barros, the name given by his parents, set for life its prudent man profile too. Moral principles, ethical, legal and the search for justice marked his public and private life. Meticulous and ruled in acts, articulating the words and firm, built its image and political basis for the consolidation of the Republic in Brazil.

He was born on October 4, 1841 in the city of Itu. After graduating Bachelor of Legal Sciences, Law Academy of Sao Paulo in Largo San Francisco, came to reside in the City of the Constitution, current Piracicaba, going to exercise his profession of lawyer and politician. Piracicaba left as a councilor and gradually gained positions at the state and federal levels, to achieve the greatest degree of political power, the presidency.

Between the years 1865 to 1868, he was elected alderman and mayor by the Liberal Party. He served as Provincial Deputy in the following terms: 1868-1869, 1878-1879, 1882-1883 and 1888-1889. In 1885 and in 1886 was elected General Member. After the Proclamation of the Republic Prudente de Moraes was appointed by then President of Brazil, Deodoro da Fonseca, the post of Governor of the State of São Paulo from 1889 to 1891, resigning after this date to take their work in the Senate. In this role the most striking done was to preside over the session to Enactment of the Republican Constitution in 1891.

To 1894 mandate to 1898, was the first civil President elected by the people. Defending peace and national unity. Considered a great propagandist of republican idealism and the first politician to represent Sao Paulo in federal scene.

Prudente de Moraes knew strategically climb its policy stance, party design and leadership in the Republican propaganda. As party strategist secured the support organs of the republican press for image building and advertisement of candidates by the nation. The images around Prudente de Moraes were built throughout his life and represented through nicknames attributed to him: Grit, Tootles, Peacemaker, Other Prudente and Santo Varão the Republic.

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