Mediation themes

Activity developed in the exhibition area of ​​the museum. The educator says historical passages or literary excerpts with affinity to collection of themes and proposes interpretations of assets under custody of the museum.

Workshop – Comparison Game

Observation activity and interpretation of objects under different perspectives comparing them with actual objects for discussion of differences.

Project – Story Sources

College students in related fields deepen their knowledge in the museum, from primary sources, and prepare the dissemination of topics in seminars open to the public, and curriculum materials that are shared with teachers of primary and secondary education through the museum.

Remembering meeting

Activity that involves sets of photographs and newspaper library’s collection of records and their use in meetings of senior visitors in prepared space of the museum, to trigger memories and reminiscences.

Pedagogical Workshop – Seminar for teachers

Activity involves exploration of objects and subjects by visiting the exhibition, lecture and discussion. Participants run through exposure to analytical observation, attend the guest lecture researcher who proposes new contextualization of the above assets, and discuss possible curriculum connections.

Visit accompanied by teacher

The educator promotes the observation of objects and encourages the perception of the exhibition and the museum together with appropriate language speech to the visitor experience

Prudente de Moraes Week

Week dedicated to reflection of the Republican political context and Prudente de Moraes, with workshops, lectures, seminars.


Space for seminars, lectures and courses, with mobile chairs for 70 people, has mobile equipment audio and video.

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