September at the museum

Museum Prudente de Moraes
September 2019

Exhibition “I stay Rio: I stay, you stay, we live together”
by Proac

Curatorship : Team of Museum Prudente de Moraes
Period: From the 23rd of July to the 07th of September 

The government of the State of Sao Paulo, Culture and creative economy department of Sao Paulo and Museum Prudente de Moraes offer to the public the exhibition” I stay Rio: I stay, you stay, we live together”. The exhibit is part of the project “Museum preservation of the historic and artistic collection of the Museum Prudente de Moraes” – Proac – Program of Cultural Action of the State of Sao Paulo number 18/2018.

What would the Piracicaba river say about its profound transformations, due to the development of the city? The exhibition is the result of a reading which treats the River of Piracicaba as subject patrimony of this city, and allowing its socioeconomically changes, culture manifestation in its boarders and the creations of the men in the tangible and intangible plans, it behaves as autonomy and alive. This river alive and full of meanings is presented in this exhibition which will be shared by the “Piracicabans” by origin and “Piracicabans” by heart.

The exhibit will allow the reflection and interactivity, using the photographic, tridimensional and audio phonic collections, reaching the plurality of the people, giving to the democratization of the information and access to the cultural patrimony.

These people participated of the creation of the exhibition: exposição Diná Jobst, Daisy Estrá, Renata Gava, Mauricio Beraldo, Taiane Melo, Yone Moreno, Laura Lima, Caroline Margiota, Isabella Scarpelini, Bárbara Alves e Marina Prestes.

Exhibition “Hileia- Photographs by Antonio Saggese”

Curatorship: Team Museum Prudente de Moraes
Period: September 17th to November 17th

The exhibit “Hileia” formed by the photographs of Antonio Saggese is the result of the junction of two works which focus the Amazon Forest from the water: Hileia and Yg, and it has images that summarize the wonderment of the watcher in front of the exuberance of the Amazon Nature.

The photographs were conceived on the trips of Saggese between 2014 and 2016 to the woods and streams of Para, where the photographer could capture images which do not fit as “nature photography” not even as documents or complaint.

The images were captured by the author through digital cameras with high sensibility, modified to capture the infrared, with great luminosity lenses and sensors which modify profundity, expecting that with this technical intervention creates new artistic possibilities, which are impossible with the analogical technology.

The exhibit was selected by the Public call notice to itinerant exhibitions of ACAM Portinari done in partnership with the State Museums System (SISEM-SP), instance of the Department of culture and creative economy of Sao Paulo. It was the winner in the category Printed Essay of 2017 of the Prize Brazil of Photography.

13th Spring of Museums
By IBRAM (Brazilian Institute of Museums)

Period: 23rd to 29th of September

The Museum Prudente de Moraes will participate in the “13th Spring of Museums” between the days September 23rd to 29th.

Coordinated by IBRAM (Brazilian Institute of Museums) and done by the Brazilian Museum institute, the Spring of Museums happens annually in the begging of spring, with the goal to sensitize the museum institutions and the community to the debate about themes of the present.

With the theme Museums inside, inside the museums, the Museum Prudente de Moraes will present the exhibit “Hileia” by Antonio Saggese and the project Getting to know the museum inside, which includes the presentation of the job of conserving and packaging of the collection, followed by the visit to the Technical Reservation. Beyond that, there will be guided visits and educational actions about Material and Immaterial patrimony education. The activities should be previously scheduled.

Getting to know the Museum Inside

Period: September 23rd to 27th
Time: 9AM to 2PM

The team of the Museum Prudente de Moraes will introduce to the people in general the job of conserving and packaging of the collection done constantly in its Technical Reserve.

There will be basic techniques of conservation for many types of collection, as well as the correct packaging and the used material to this end. After it, there will be a visit to the Technical Reserve of the Museum.

Being a place to keep the collection, the Technical Reserve meets specifications of the International committee of Museums (ICOM). This activity requires previous scheduling and de openings are limited.

Project “Museum in the school” – Speeches in Public and Private Institutions of education
By Prudente de Moraes Museum

Period: Monthily
Time: 9AM to 2PM

The Museum Prudente de Moraes will develop project “Museum in the school” with monthly speeches in public schools (city and state) as well as private ones.

Thought initially to work education, art and patrimony this project has as its goal to amplify the knowledge and sensitize the students about material goods and immaterial ones of the Piracicaba culture.

Project “Libras (Brazilian Sign Language) in the Museum”
By Museum Prudente de Moraes

Period: Scheduled visit
Time: 9AM to 2PM

The Museum Prudente de Moraes, through the project LIBRAS in the Museum, intends to make it possible the accessibility of deaf people and hearing poor in its space. The referred people will have the right of a monitor in LIBRAS through an educator of the Museum, who knows the sign language. The project also includes classes of basic LIBRAS to employees of the museum, resulting in a structure to receive this type of visit.

By doing this, the Museum intends to include this group in the society and education, allowing to them historical knowledge about the city of Piracicaba and about the public and private life of Prudente de Moraes.

The visits in LIBRAS will be scheduled previously.

Monitored Visits and Educational Actions

During the month of August will be developed educational actions, from Tuesday to Friday and monitored visit contemplating the theme of the institution which addresses to the history of Piracicaba and its urban evolution and to the public and private life of Prudente de Moraes. The activities will be developed to attend spontaneous groups with previous scheduling.